Gender Pay Gap Seminar - 11th May - Garvock House Hotel, Dunfermline

31st March 2016

Across the UK as a whole, women still earn less than men for doing the same or similar job. To help tackle this issue, from October this year the Government will require larger companies to report on their own gender pay gap.

But is this enough to tackle the problem? Why does the gender pay gap persist and what can be done about it?

Thornber Employment Law thinks it’s time to look at the wider picture of different pay between men and women and consider some of the ongoing issues.

It’s time to look again at the implications for private business. Some of the issues we think will become important include:

  • Changing workplace cultures - we don’t ‘talk’ about pay
  • Work progression differentials – for example maternity leave
  • Promotion on merit not gender quota filling
  • Are women not bothered about being paid less than men?
  • Will SMEs be subject to the Gender Pay Gap Information regulations eventually?
  • Where will the legislation stop? We’ve already seen the problems that Auto Enrolment are causing micro enterprises

You are invited to join the debate on Wednesday 11 May at Garvock House Hotel, 8am – 10am. Our discussion panel include some of the best known and respected experts on Women in the Workplace. You will have the opportunity to ask questions along with your fellow delegates consisting of other business owners, decision makers and HR professionals. Read more and book your place here today or call 01383 852931.

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