Government Minister meeting Chamber members

16th July 2019

Chambers of Commerce play a vital role in influencing political debate and public policy, and it is why Fife Chamber is proud to be an active member of the British Chambers of Commerce and the Scottish Chambers of Commerce, which are the UK’s and Scotland’s biggest business organisations respectively. This adds the weight of Fife’s businesses to the tens of thousands of other companies that the BCC and SCC represent up and down the country. With that strong business voice behind them the BCC and SCC have a unique ability to shape the legislation and policies that impact businesses through their campaigns, their election manifestos, their economic surveys and their regular meetings with political leaders.

But Fife Chamber makes sure that political leaders also hear the views of Fife businesses directly. Our annual event programme always has a political or public policy dimension: whether it is the Cabinet Secretary for Finance addressing the Chamber’s Annual Dinner, the regular meetings of the Chamber’s Bank of England Panel or roundtable discussion between small groups of members and Government Ministers. Ivan McKee, Minister for Trade, Investment and Innovation in the Scottish Government, will be the next senior politician to face Fife Chamber members: but he won’t be the last as we continue to put representing members’ interests at the centre of what we do. Call us on 01592 647740 to find out more about being part of Fife Chamber’s lobbying and representation.

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