HMRC publish updated Partnership Pack

19th November 2018

HMRC has published an updated version of the Partnership Pack on GOV.UK to help businesses plan for the unlikely possibility of a ‘no deal’ EU Exit. This builds on the previous version of the pack, published in October, and includes additional information about trade at the border from departments across government.

The pack is for organisations, intermediaries and infrastructure providers to use for their own contingency planning and to share with those they represent, their clients and members. It is designed so that you can take information from it and tailor it to suit your own channels and your audiences’ needs.

The pack focuses on how VAT, Customs and Excise could be affected and includes information split by topic and audience, and also includes flowcharts.

Future editions of this pack will include additional information around policies that will impact trade at the border and we will update you when these are published.

We appreciate your support in helping to prepare businesses for a no deal scenario.

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