Keep your B2B website in top shape with these 3 tips

13th July 2023

Website best practices change all the time. When was your website last updated? Years ago? Then it’s high time to check if it’s still fit for purpose.

Here are a few things to check today:

  • Does your website have an SSL certificate? Does it show a padlock in the address bar? (This is important to rank in Google these days)
  • Does your contact page show a clear address, telephone number and and an easy contact form? (Keep your contact form as simple as possible - preferably only 3 fields - Name, Email, Message - to avoid friction and get visitors to leave you a message).
  • Look at your website navigation: Without knowing what you do, does your navigation provide clear information about your products and services or is it too generic? A generic navigation only includes things like Home, About, Services, Contact. A much better navigation shows options like this: Home, Commercial Scaffolding, Industrial Scaffolding, Domestic Scaffolding, Contact.

Do you need help with your website or are you considering a re-design? Arrange a meeting and get the ball rolling. We are Business Image Services Ltd in Dunfermline, specialising in B2B Websites and SEO ([email protected]).

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