New research - BREXIT’s impact on UK business

13th October 2016

‘Is BREXIT damaging UK businesses?’

This is one of a number of questions asked by a new Henley Business School research project, examining the immediate and longer-term impacts of BREXIT on senior managers and their organisations.

Led by Professor Nada Kakabadse, Head of Marketing and Reputation and Dr Nadeem Khan, the study incorporates the views of 300 senior managers currently working in the UK.

Key questions include: ‘How do businesses feel about the UK’s exit from the EU? Will BREXIT make the breakup of the UK more likely? How much harder will it be for non-UK nationals to stay? and Will local issues become more of a priority over global concerns?’

Professor Kakabadse adds: “Our work is exploring how the political, social and economic impacts of BREXIT are currently being felt across the country.

“Our initial findings indicate that the majority of UK organisations are split on the issue, with some feeling there will be little or no change, while others believe an exodus of talent and unforeseen consequences will negatively impact the UK.

“Early results from the research show that businesses where income has not been immediately impacted tend to believe that this status quo will continue in the longer-term.

“However, an alternative view is summarised by one participating executive, who said: “As a nation we have still not comprehended the BREXIT impact. By the time we start taming this Leviathan it will have morphed into yet another complex beast.”

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