Paywizard scoops another Best of Show Award at IBC 2016 for its enhanced Agile platform and Decision Moments Dashboard

28th September 2016

Company earns TVBEurope honour for outstanding product development in subscriber movement tracking and customer journey management tools for TV operators worldwide

Amsterdam, 14 September 2016Paywizard, the specialist in subscription, billing and CRM for pay-TV, has received the TVBEurope Best of Show Award at IBC after launching an enhanced version of its Paywizard Agile subscriber management platform. The new Agile platform includes key features that boost operators’ ability to act on insights to build stronger and more enduring customer relationships.

The award, which was presented by NewBay Media’s TV Technology magazine TVBEurope, was judged by a panel of industry experts and honours innovation and outstanding product development. The win at IBC comes five months after Paywizard captured the NewBay Best of Show Award at NAB 2016 in Las Vegas, when the company introduced the platform’s Decision Moments Dashboard.

Andrew Burke, Chairman of Paywizard, comments: “We’re thrilled to have received the Best of Show Award at IBC. This award is great recognition of the Paywizard team’s hard work in developing and bringing to market a subscriber management platform that helps pay-TV operators and OTT service providers significantly improve their customer experience, win new business and drive strong growth.”

The enhanced Paywizard Agile incorporates a number of improvements to its Decision Moments Dashboard that empower operators to easily and precisely target customers – both for acquisition and retention – at each of the critical ‘Decision Moments’ along the subscriber journey. These are identified as Find, Join, Consume, Upgrade, Downgrade, Bill, Leave, and Win Back.

Visitors to IBC 2016 were able to see live demonstrations of how Agile’s Decision Moments Dashboard enables pay-TV and over-the-top (OTT) service providers to track subscriber progress and proactively manage customers. Using the dashboard, operators are able to select specific Decision Moments and structure activity around each stage of the subscriber journey. Under Join, for example, they can see everyone who has registered an interest with the service but not signed up, and create targeted engagement campaigns aimed at those consumers.

Burke continues: “It became evident to our team at IBC that our industry is in a state of flux. Companies that more effectively assess and manage customer behaviour, in a marketplace where consumers are perfectly happy to ‘dip in’ and ‘dip out’ of TV subscriptions, will earn a distinct competitive advantage.”

“At this year’s IBC, we saw a real buzz around products and services that enable TV operators strengthen their relationships with customers by using data to better understand what subscribers are doing, why and what action providers need to take,” he adds. “We’re really pleased to be at the forefront of this trend and to have our work in this area highlighted by the judging panel at IBC” Burke concluded.

The latest version of Paywizard Agile offers more streamlined reporting and filtering capabilities that enable quicker and more actionable insight into subscriber activities and circumstances through:

  • Subscriber Movement Reports – In-depth customer activity reports integrated into the core of the Decision Moments Dashboard put an instant snapshot of each subscriber’s situation at the operator’s fingertips
  • Campaign filtering – More granular segmentation for each Decision Moment, including churn analysis, allows better targeted and timed communications – including offers to pre-empt churn, or shift subscribers to a more suitable package.
  • Capture PSP Payment Methods – Greater payment flexibility and ease of use means the ‘Bill’ moment becomes smoother for both operator and subscriber, improving the overall customer experience and preventing potential friction points.

The comprehensive updates to the Agile platform were guided directly by the findings from Paywizard’s 2016 study in partnership with research firm Decipher, which explored the attitudes of Pay-TV subscribers in the US and UK and pinpointed the key Decision Moments. The research also revealed that service and customer experience are now seen to be as important as content and value for money in differentiating TV services.

The latest Paywizard Decision Moments eBook presenting the findings, entitled Seize the Moments: Easy Exit, Welcome Return, is available for download here.

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