Procurement in Scotland is changing

31st March 2016

The Supplier Development Programme has been working with the Scottish Government ahead of the implementation of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), part of the new EU Procurement Directives. The ESPD is intended by the European Commission to remove some of the barriers to participation in public procurement, especially for SMEs. It will replace the requirement for suppliers to provide up-front evidence or certificates by allowing them to self-declare that they meet the relevant selection and exclusion criteria. When a contract is awarded, the successful bidder will then be required to provide proof that they meet these criteria.

The ESPD will be mandatory for use by contracting authorities in Scotland from 18 April 2016 and will replace the standard pre-qualification questionnaire (SPQQ), and any other PQQs that Scottish contracting authorities are currently using. From this date all Scottish public bodies must issue and accept the ESPD for all procurements worth more than the EU thresholds.

As the ESPD will be generic and the same for all of the EU member States, buyers will have to set out the specific requirements and minimum standards into their contract notices.

Click here for more information and to view the FAQ document from Scottish Government regarding the changes.

Further information on the changes on ESPD can be found in the Scottish Procurement Policy Note 06/2016

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