Record wind generation – good news for the environment and your bills?

12th February 2018

January saw a huge record-breaking rise in wind generation, which at one point provided almost a quarter of the UK’s electricity. So what’s the overall impact on your bills?

Wholesale power prices of renewable generators are much lower, as there’s no fuel cost. Higher renewable availability can drive down wholesale prices, leading to lower costs for businesses. However, at the same time, non-commodity costs (NCCs) for subsidies designed to increase renewable capacity will also rise. These costs are passed on to consumers. As a result, the overall impact on customer bills could actually be an increase in prices.

NCCs are the part of your bill that is a mix of transmission, distribution, and other regulated charges, paid on top of the wholesale cost of energy. Your energy bill is set to increase again soon, as changes to distribution charges will take effect in April. By 2020, NCCs will account for the largest part of your energy bill at 66%. It’s therefore vital to take control of these costs.

Chamber Energy Solutions have experts on hand to look at these charges and ensure that they are correct. If any discrepancies are discovered by the team, they will act on your behalf to recover any excess money that you may have paid to your electricity supplier.

Quite often, hidden savings are identified resulting in money being returned to your pocket. We offer a range of energy saving solutions that accompanied with analysis of bills can account to up to a 20% overall saving. Regardless of a business’ size, the Chamber Energy Solutions team work to identify any areas where possible savings could be made.

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