Renovite displays its advanced capabilities during lockdown

30th April 2020

In the days of COVID-19 lockdown, what does a business do if it needs to deliver a new high-tech payment system to a client in Lesotho at the southern tip of Africa? Well, if the company is a typical payments software company using technology and methods from the 20th century, they have to wait for the end of the lockdown and the restoration of international travel before their staff can visit to install and commission the new system. Alternatively, for a 21st century provider like Fife based Renovite Technologies, you simply carry on.

Renovite’s revolutionary software products were designed from day one to operate in and take advantage of the Cloud. This means that its development staff can build and test software anywhere – whether from its Dunfermline offices, or a range of spare rooms and dining rooms across Fife. Then, when that software is ready for integration with others in the client organisation, the installation and testing of the fully integrated system can also be conducted remotely.

Early in April, Renovite demonstrated this capability when it delivered a brand-new self-service payment solution to a client in Lesotho using a team of software engineers working from home in Fife and in Delhi, India (also subject to a COVID-19 lockdown). These two teams collaborated with engineers working from home in Johannesburg, South Africa and a team of software testers in Lesotho. Testing required engineers in Fife to initiate a transaction at an ATM that had to be confirmed by a mobile phone user in Lesotho. The intervening processing all took place in the cloud-based systems supplied by Renovite. The need to access a real ATM could have held up this process; instead,

Renovite utilises innovative cloud-based simulations of ATM hardware from its partner company Cashware, in Madrid.

Jim Tomaney, Chief Operating Officer, Renovite Technologies, said: “In the current climate, people might ask how important payment solutions are? Here in the UK, banks have raised the contactless payments limit to ease pressure in shops. The solution being delivered in Lesotho will enable people to maintain usage of a mobile phonebased payment system that is the functional equivalent of contactless cards in that market, especially important when social distancing.”

Renovite has combined its cloud-based market offering with a completely cloud-based business operation meaning that, as well as building and delivering software from anywhere, the business can function indefinitely without access to physical premises.

Jim added: “We’re continuing to work through the economic crisis driven by the COVID-19 pandemic because we have the systems in place to enable it. But a huge number of Fife businesses in the leisure and retail sectors are massively impacted by the lockdown and need help from government. Those that can keep working and not rely on the government should do so to allow government to focus resources where they are most needed.”

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