Resilience: how can your business benefit?

13th February 2017
What is resilience and how can if affect your business?

Resilience is our ability to adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. Running a business can be tough and things certainly won’t always go to plan. Having the inner resource to assess a situation, look at what’s needed and take appropriate positive action, can help when everyone is looking to you to steer the way.

Improving your own resilience and encouraging your employees to do the same will ensure your business can adapt to change and stay positive in the face of uncertainty. Resilience is about never giving up, even if you fall over, it’s about getting back up and learning from your mistakes.

Considerations to help employees build resilience

Keep energised – Small steps such as taking a lunch break away from the desk, a short brisk walk in daylight hours, staying hydrated and curbing caffeine intake in the afternoon can all help improve levels of alertness and quality of sleep, therefore increasing your resilience.

Encourage perspective – A considered and reasonable approach can help employees to see the bigger picture and the opportunities when they’re thinking over a problem – and then come up with solutions.

Prioritise and play to employees’ strengths – It’s important for employees to take time to relax and think about their goals based on their values and strengths. Asking them about the tasks they enjoy most in their role, and seeing if there are opportunities to increase these without having a negative impact on their other responsibilities can be a good way of opening this conversation.

Nurture professional relationships – Having a workplace support network helps employees feel connected and valued. This is important when they’re facing awkward or difficult situations because they know where to find support and advice.

Help employees work on their Emotional Intelligence – Being able to identify and manage their own emotions, as well as identify others’, can help employees see things objectively and respect different views.

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