Safe Drive Stay Alive

30th November 2016

Fife Community Safety Partnership’s innovative ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ was the first of its kind in Scotland and has now been running for over 10 years. Safe Drive Stay Alive has now been adopted by many other areas around the country.

  • The show delivers thought-provoking messages to young drivers/passengers and been seen by 50,000 school pupils and college students from all over Fife.
  • The overall aim is to promote responsible driver and passenger behaviour in order to reduce deaths and injuries on Fife’s roads.
  • The campaign has contributed to a reduction in fatal accidents of 45% since 2000, as well as a reduction in serious accidents by 60%.
  • The 1 hour 30 minute show is based around a filmed reconstruction of a road traffic collision. The footage is interspersed on stage, with real life testimonies by serving members of the emergency services.
  • Also, and perhaps most poignantly, stories are relayed by family members and young people that have been affected directly by a road crash.

Safe Drive Stay Alive invites 5th year school leavers from every school in Fife to attend the show and there is also a free evening show for all public to attend.

Chamber members including FMC Technologies, Exxon Mobil, Diageo and Kingdom FM support the campaign and if you would like to join them you can find more information on Safe Drive Stay Alive by visiting or contacting 03451 555555 ext 402057 or email [email protected]

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