Thorntons starts taking calls as it launches Charity Wills Month

14th September 2018

Getting on the property ladder, starting a new career or having children are all key life milestones, but writing a Will is often overlooked at these times. A Will is crucial in order to plan for the future for individuals and their families.

Leading law firm Thorntons is encouraging all property owners and new parents to consider creating a Will during its annual Charity Wills month.

“Making a Will is something everyone in Scotland aged over 16 should be thinking about to determine the distribution of their possessions, estate, guardianship of their children and to protect their partner or spouse” said Lorna Goodfellow, Partner at Thorntons.

“People often fear it’s a costly and morbid experience – this isn’t the case and September is the ideal time to put your affairs in order while supporting a local cause.”

Thorntons Charity Wills initiative 2018 runs throughout September and applies to new Wills written or updates to existing Wills during the month. The firm will not charge a fee but instead ask clients to make an equivalent donation to Cash for Kids.

More than £300,000 has been raised for Cash for Kids through this initiative since it first launched 22 years ago.

Lorna added: “Making a Will is usually a straightforward process and you can rewrite it as many times as you wish during the course of your lifetime. People often delay this task but it can save you money and time, and makes matters much easier for family members in the long run. So along with collecting your keys and diverting your mail, you should also make a Will when buying property."

Claire Heaton, charity manager at Radio Tay Cash for Kids, said: “We are delighted to be partnered with Thorntons for the charity wills campaign. We are really excited for the campaign this year as it continues to grow and allows us to help even more children than before. The money raised makes a huge difference to the lives of local children across Tayside and Fife”

To find out more about Wills and to download Thorntons Charity Wills guide visit,

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