Transformational Change Clinic with Fife Economy Partnership and W2 Training

4th October 2016

CEED will be holding a Transformational Change Clinic with W2 Training and Fife Economy Partnership on Wednesday 9th November 2016 at the Wallace Suite, Carnegie Conference Centre, Halbeath Road, Dunfermline, KY11 8DY from 8am for registration and starting at 08:30am and finishing by 11am.

  • Are your people fully engaged in helping to improve innovation, performance and productivity in your organisation? Are they pulling together, or are they actively sinking your boat?
  • Have you started change processes only to have them fail?
  • Are you seeking ways in which to lead change, improve engagement and develop your culture?

The Macleod Report cites CIPD research suggesting that in reality, only 3 in 10 people are actively engaged at work. What is your figure likely to be? This figure equates to a loss of money and time and a probable increase in sick days and attrition rates.

We share the author's belief that

".....if employee engagement and the principles that lie behind it were more widely understood, if good practice was more widely shared, if the potential that resides in the country’s workforce was more fully unleashed, we could see a step change in workplace performance and in employee well-being, for the considerable benefit of UK plc.”

CeeD knows that the solution to improving your business performance lies within the CeeD community. So we want to help facilitate finding the solutions.

The purpose of this interactive session is to bring together people who are curious about, or have experience to share in, Transformational Change through employee engagement and cultural development.

We will create a hospitable place where we can have conversations that frame and explore the questions that matter to us as a group and share our diverse perspectives and experiences.

You will have the opportunity to meet new people and exchange insights and share discoveries.

The outcomes of this session will be:

  • A sharing of best practice case studies where Transformational Change has been achieved and an understanding of how that change was achieved
  • To have experienced and learned the employee engagement facilitation tool of World Cafe
  • An understanding of a route map and models for Transformational Change
  • A takeaway tool kit of know-how

Come and join us in a conversation on Transformational Change that matters. We are keen to share our experience and know-how, and we would love to listen to your insights and discoveries.


W2 will facilitate this event. We are an international business facilitation organisation with 23 years' experience and a reputation for excellence in improving individual and business performance. We love to take innovative approaches to inspire change and improve performance. We are proud to have worked with clients such as; ExxonMobil, Network Rail, Shell, Schlumberger, VINCI, Polarcus.

Learning facilitators are Mel Morris, Kevin Heneghan and Mike Kean

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