Why Smartphone video is a ‘must have’ for promoting your business

26th August 2016

A modern smartphone is like having a film studio in your pocket - yet few businesses take advantage of the amazing technology they already own to promote their products and services. Now a new online course intends to change all that and get entrepreneurs creating great video.

In just a few days, Fife Chamber member Tosh Lubek and Ken McGaffin have signed up over 360 students from around the world for their course, ‘Make Great Videos on a Budget’ which sells for just £20.

“Video is the most popular form of content online - from how-to videos, product demos, customer testimonials and more,” says Lubek, “With video, people see you and hear you, they follow your advice and they get to trust you - and then of course, they’re ready to buy from you”.

And video can outperform the written word. “Small businesses hate writing about themselves - just ask any designer who’s waiting for copy to get the latest brochure done!” says McGaffin, “but video is immediate and people can have real fun making video. It’s something everyone can join in with - the founders, the staff and even the customers.”

“The technology in a smartphone is extraordinary and will make great video just as it is. But spend around £50 on apps, simple lights and a mic - and you can make professional quality video. Already, you’re seeing full length movies and television ads made using only an iphone,” continued Lubek.

Both Lubek and McGaffin have made hundreds of videos for businesses and organisations and are sharing their experience in a course that costs just £20. “We are convinced that anyone can make good videos with a little bit of help,” says McGaffin, “And even if the business owner themselves don’t have time to make video, there’s sure to be some budding filmmaker on their staff who would jump at the chance!”

You can get instant access to the course at https://www.udemy.com/make-great-videos-on-a-budget

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