Fife Chamber sets challenge for the next Scottish Government

13th April 2021

Scotland’s chambers of commerce have called on the next Scottish Government to pass a ‘Business Growth Act’ in its first 100 days. This is the centrepiece of the ‘Rally for Growth’ report ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections. Chamber members from across the country worked with their local chamber and with the team at the Scottish Chambers of Commerce to produce the report, which offers a blueprint for economic recovery in the wake of the damage caused by the coronavirus, the impact of leaving the EU and Scotland’s historical legacy of low growth and productivity.

Commenting on ‘Rally for Growth’, Alan Mitchell, Chief Executive of Fife Chamber of Commerce, said: “We need to reset the relationship between business and government and collectively make rebuilding the economy and business confidence our number one priority. The measures put forward in this report come from the lived experiences of businesses the length and breadth of Scotland. They are drawn from the acumen and knowledge of the people who are in the front line of setting up and running businesses, creating employment and working in local communities. They are pragmatic and practical people who are passionate about Scotland. They want it to be healthier, fairer and greener, just as much as the people who aspire to be MSPs and form the next Scottish Government. Scottish Parliament candidates should listen to what business has to say and take decisive action to implement these proposals.

“We have organised an Election Hustings on 29th April to give Fife’s businesses the opportunity to ask the main political parties what their policies and priorities for supporting the economy over the lifetime of the next Scottish Parliament are. They will expect to hear a common message from all the parties that acknowledges we need to put business and the economy first and commits to working with chambers of commerce to implement the proposals in ‘Rally for Growth’.”

Click here to read ‘Rally for Growth’.

Email [email protected] if you want to attend the Election Hustings on 29th April.

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