Offer a hand-up to young people in Fife

26th July

The world may be a very different place to what it was 18months ago, but the need to inject young talent into a growing business has always been essential. The difference now, perhaps, is that more young people need our support to build the skills and confidence needed in these more challenging times.

There is plenty of evidence to show that young people who have some experience of work have a better chance of securing a permanent position. With more skills and more understanding of the workplace, their chances of employment rise, as does their ability to contribute to Scotland’s wider economic recovery.

With that in mind, Hand Picked from CR Smith is a unique employability programme that seeks to put young people, aged 16-24, in a 90-day paid position. This gives them the grounding in what it means to be an employee and provide them with real and valued work experience.

Since Hand Picked was founded in 2011 by CR Smith boss Gerard Eadie CBE, we have supported hundreds of 16–24-year-olds through our employer sponsored jobs programme.

We work with young people to bring out their individual qualities, to develop their employability skills and their understanding of work expectations. We then partner with a network of local businesses who provide the opportunities for them to test those skills in a meaningful and nurturing work environment. Together we coach them to ensure they make the most of the experience and to equip them with the tools and resilience they need in today’s jobs market.

For many of the young people jobs quickly follow, either in the business where they had their placement or beyond.

It is empowering and confidence-building for the young people and rewarding for the employers who see what can be achieved when they give direct personal support to the next generation of employees in this way.

Hand Picked is distinct for its business-first approach. We look at how we instruct and guide our young people from an employer’s perspective, knowing that this will give them the best possible start to their working life. Most importantly it is about giving every young person the chance to showcase not just their skills, but their potential.

We are proud to be part of the Fife Chamber network and work alongside many other member organisations from various industries.

If your business can provide a 90 day job placement to a young person please get in touch with Megan Mackay, Development Manager, at: [email protected]

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